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Art & Crafts in Rajasthan

Rajasthan Tourism

Rajasthan charm : Rajasthan is among the richest states in the country so far as the field of arts and crafts in concerned. May be it was a result of the war-like lifestyle of the people of Rajasthan which sharpened the creative senses, artistic skills and inspired them to create the most opulent and richest of treasures. Stone, clay, leather, wood, ivory, lac, glass, brass, silver, gold and textiles were given the most brilliant forms.

Today, Rajasthan has earned a immense popularity, due to its rich handicrafts, which is also a striking part of the Rajasthan culture. If you are interested to buy some of these unique artefact, than do not miss the opportunity to try the bustling bazaars, fairs & festivals in the glittering soil of Rajasthan.

History of Rajasthan reveals that the kings and their nobles were patrons of arts and crafts they encouraged their craftsman in activities ranging from wood and marvel carving to weaving, pottery and painting. The horses and elephants that took the warriors to battles received the same care jewelled saddles and intricate silver jewellery was just some of the ornaments that were used to adorn them.

For women there was infinite variety tie and dye fabrics, embroidered garments, enamel jewellery inlayed with precious and semi-precious stones, leather jootis. They put their lives indoors to very good use by decorating their surroundings on the walls of their mud-huts were painted geometric designs as well as simple motifs like flowers and birds. Also the women-folk made intricate patterns on floors, shaped straw and twine to turn into the most beautiful as well as functional items plus delayed great talents with the needle and thread and papier mache.
Some of the popular crafts are:

Meenakari: Raja Man Singh of Amer brought this intricate craft to Jaipur by inviting five skilled enamel workers from Lahore. The art prospered over the years and is today renowed the world over. Jaipur meenakari is famed for its delicacy and its use of colours. Pratapgarh and Nathdwara are two other centres which produce fine quality enamel work.

Jewellery: Rajasthan is rich in jewellery, each area having its own unique style. Some of the traditional designs are rakhri, timaniyan, bala, bajuband, gajra, gokhru, jod, etc. Tribal women wear heavy, simply, crafted jewellery and seem to carry the weight (almost up to 5 kgs ) without much discomfort almost all the time. Men too wear their share of ornaments in the form of chockers and earrings.

Ivory: The ivory bangles that most Rajasthani women wear are considered auspicious. Ivory is also inlaid and shaped into intricate items of great beauty. Miniature paintings were also executed on ivory.

Lac and Glass: Lac bangles are made in bright colours and sometimes inlaid with glass. Other decorative and functional items are also available.

Sandalwood and Wood: Carved wood is presented in a wide range of objects and is simple and inexpensive.

Stones: Statues on religious themes are carved all over Rajasthan and in several cities there are still entire lanes where the stone carvers can be seen giving final touches to statues or even pillars.
Hand-block Prints : Hued in the vegetable colours, the floral beauty of hand-blocks prints are of world wide fame.

Lacquer and Filigree Work : Lacquer and filigree work of Lac jewellery and bangles much famous in all over India.

Mehandi: Rajasthani Mehandi decoration, once dominated the fashion market of the world in the late 1990s.

Tie and Dye Work : These multi-hued dazzling clothes have been captivating the heart of the entire world for centuries.

Terracotta Tradition : Exquisite miniature effigies are still keeping the age-old heritage of terracotta tradition alive.

Puppet Art : Puppets made of wood and cotton is the finest art of Rajasthan.

Jaipur Marbles : Excellent artifacts made of Jaipur marbles are famous world wide.

Miniature Paintings : Spectacular miniature paintings of Rajasthan are renowned world over.

Embroidery : Deft needlework studded with mirror in bright colours is the specialty of Rajasthani embroidery.

Shekhawati Paintings : Shekhawati is famous for its bright wall painting making it a popular tourist destination.

Tattoo : The typical art of permanent designs on body.

Turbans : The shape and size of Rajasthan turbans are a great indicator of person position in the society.

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